VA Revolution and Boulder Crest would like to stay a HUGE THANKS to all our Travel families that contributed their time and money to creating the silent auction baskets. And then another HUGE THANKS to all those that bid as well!

We raised over $5000 from the baskets!

The VRSC Team Winners have been chosen!

  • Team that raises the most from their basket(s) goes to VRSC 13B Black* for their TWO baskets totaling $600 (Congrats Coach Marvin)
  • Basket voted Best Theme by our panel of judges goes to VRSC 14B Black for their basket Loudoun Local (Congrats Coach Lee)
  • Basket voted Best Presentation by our panel of judges goes to VRSC 10B Black  for their basket Surf and Turf (Congrats Coach Dave)

Their Prize

The winning teams now get their choice of making their coach dress up for practice in the costume of choice or giving him/her a whip cream pie in the face.
Alternately, the coach can buy his/her way out, by matching the amount of the basket money raised!

Individual Basket Winners and Winning Bids are listed below!

Winner Basket  Winning Bid Team
Andy Wheatland Spring Brewery Retreat  $ 275.00 VRSC 13B Black*
Torben Dining In Style  $ 325.00 VRSC 13B Black*
Ivelisse Basket of Cheer  $ 350.00 VRSC 09B Gold
Ryan Loudoun Local  $ 350.00 VRSC 14B Black
Natasha Surf and Turf Basket  $ 325.00 VRSC 10B Black
Greg Tournament Tailgate  $ 300.00 VRSC 08G Black
Maura Date Night Basket  $ 290.00 VRSC 07G Black
Stephanie Life is Good Basket  $ 250.00 VRSC 11B Black
Natasha Feeling Lucky?  $ 235.00 VRSC 11B Gold
Natasha Cash Mystery Box  $ 225.00 VRSC 08B Black
Theresa A Day on the Pitch Basket  $ 200.00 VRSC 07B Black
Ryan Outdoor Concert Fun  $ 200.00 VRSC 09B Black
Chris Family board games  $ 175.00 VRSC 14B Gold
Melissa Skin care gift basket  $ 175.00 VRSC 13G Black
Lynne Gift Cards  $ 160.00 VRSC 08B Gold
Alison Rainy Day No Soccer  $ 160.00 VRSC 12G Black
Christian Top Golf Basket  $ 160.00 VRSC 07G Gold
Melissa Travel Soccer Parent Survival Kit  $ 160.00 VRSC 12B Gold
Nicole Backyard Fun!  $ 150.00 VRSC 14B White
Danielle Outdoor Adventure Basket  $ 150.00 VRSC 10B Gold
Deborah Sports Day with 06B Black  $ 150.00 VRSC 06B Black
Judith Parent sideline kit  $ 130.00 VRSC 09G Gold
Greg Travel Soccer Survival Kit  $ 125.00 VRSC 11G Black
Stephanie Stay Cool Basket  $ 105.00 VRSC 06G Black
Sara Washington Spirit Basket  $   85.00 VRSC 09G Black
Jeremiah Boulder Crest Foundation Swag  $   75.00
Greg Gassing Around Town  $   55.00 VRSC 12B Black
Caroline Dominos Pizza  $     8.00
Sara Dominos Pizza  $     5.00